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Bolling, Farrel®, Reliable, Shaw, and Skinner

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We recognize how vital it is for your company to be able to keep your production running. Small gaps created by mixer failure or ongoing maintenance issues erode profitability and delay delivery of orders that can destroy confidence in your ability to perform. Complete breakdown leads to losses in usable manpower and potentially months of shifting work to already overloaded areas.

We work with our clients to bring their equipment back to the original operating tolerances to remove and reduce the problems associated with worn internal parts. Issues with bad mixes or leakage due to internal parts being out of alignment or simply worn out are drastically reduced by having your equipment rebuilt properly. We focus on making sure each piece is assessed and measured to ensure that it is either refinished or replaced to bring that equipment back to its original specifications.

Why risk your company’s reputation and profitability on a lab or production mixer that is slowly going bad? We can keep your company running and efficient for years to come for a fraction of the cost of downtime or buying new equipment. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your equipment.

Production Mixers (Rebuilded)

Our Product

We has developed numerous ranges of standard vessels. Whatever the market, you’ll find some common themes that define our vessels: Use of proven technologies, high quality craftsmanship and low Total Cost of Ownership.

What We Do

Through a rigorous process we analyze your mixer to see exactly what repairs are needed. We measure each part and compare it to the original factory tolerances and then we refinish or remanufacture every piece to OEM standards to provide you with a rebuilt mixer that in some cases is better than when it was originally built.

"SSA" RA Dust Stop set

Rebuild and Re-condition

Maintaining proper tolerances will ensure that your end product meets your clients and your specifications.  To meet those needs both your Lab and Production mixers need to be functioning properly within their specs.


We have all of the parts your mixers will need to keep them working well for years.  From dust shields to thermocouples we can keep your inventory well stocked to reduce your downtime and create better productivity.

Working towards dedication first and foremost to Consumer Satisfaction.

Who We Are

Three Generations of Excellence in Rubber Machinery is something we hold high. We use that experience to advise and assist our clients with their Lab & Production mixer decisions.


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Larger hatchlings have a higher probability of survival than smaller individuals. Use of proven technologies, high quality craftsmanship and low Total Cost of Ownership.

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